"A sign of our times, Marcelo Fruet is difficult to be cataloged as an artist. I like to think of him as a rocker that makes Brazilian music (or what was once agreed to be called MPB). However, the density and the melancholy of his music also brings me to the Argentine contemporary pop, with a bit of Kevin Johansen - and, back in Brazil, but not too much, transpires the rigorous poetry of Vitor Ramil, runs through Caetano Veloso in his long gone inspired days, and debouches in the MPB pre-bar-soundtrack, which has Lenine as its last stronghold." Marcelo Ferla, "AIÓN" press release, 2012.

Born in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Marcelo Fruet is a music producer and popular songwriter, sings, plays guitar and does recordings in his humble workshop.
Used to producing records for other artists and creating soundtracks for TV and film, the “gaucho” demonstrates skills that go beyond musical creation and interpretation: he personally produces, records and mixes his own records.

Marcelo Fruet & Os Cozinheiros’s musical menu dishes up generous portions of MPB - tropicalista flavor - accompanied by a special rocker gravy and takes advantage of
the piquant sweetness of jazz for dessert. Concert goers can expect poetic and musical diversity, refined in the right measure to move even those completely unaware of his work. The approximation of southern styles (from South America, like tango and milonga) and tropical styles (such as samba and bossa nova), often toying with rock, reveals a contemporary artist that converges subtle musical experiences into interesting aesthetic results.

The band, also formed by Nicola Spolidoro (guitar), Leonardo "Brawl" (bass), André Lucciano (drums) and Lúcio Chachamovich (acoustic guitar), has recorded two albums
and performed at festivals in Brazil and abroad. Fruet – who has had a song featured on Big Brother Brasil 7, besides winning four Açorianos Awards (RS State’s most important awards for the Arts) and one award for Best Original Soundtrack at Gramado Festival (Brazil’s main film festival) - was the only artist from Rio Grande do Sul selected to participate in the do “Música Pra Todo Mundo Festival”, sponsored by Oi Música. He was also one of the few new artists to join the concert comemorating 30 years of the MPG (“Gaúcha” Popular music, as opposed to Brazilian MPB) movement, alongside renowned “gaúcho” songwriters, such as Bebeto Alves and Nelson Coelho de Castro.

Currently, the group is on tour with the album "AIÓN", intending stop by several cities within and outside the country.

It was in a sunny afternoon that it came to mind: to do something with all those stockpiled songs that would not fit in any collective. I called Brawl and André. They bumped into my crazy idea of being a solo-artist-with-a-fixed-band. The proposal was turning the songs inside out, while still being reasonably pop: the result had to be digestible, like a good dish of exotic food. Therefore, the name of the band (“Cozinheiros” is the word for cooks in the Brazilian Portuguese.)

Nicola came later, after taking part in a few shows as a guest. I had already known him from the neighborhood, and I’d followed his evolution as a musician. One day we ran into each other in the park. It was cool: acoustic guitars in the sunset (what could be better?). What was supposed to be an accident has become routine, until he eventually joined the band.

Índio San quickly became our official graphical partner (being not only a designer of great talent, but also my next door neighbor at that time). While the band was rehearsing, we, and our street fellow Rodrigo Dmart, were having fun trying to find a concept that would justify an album with only six songs. The challenge was that it shouldn’t be considered an EP, but a concept album. That's how the cube idea appeared: someone said the word; Dmart got the message and verbalized it. Within seconds, everyone had got it, as if telepathically. Our first album had been born, “O Som do Fim ou Tanto Faz” ("The Sound of the End or Whatever"), inspired by the disc-object concept, which I had seen for the first time in Caetano Veloso’s Transa LP, a family inheritance..

Even though the band is cohesive and self-sufficient (whenever that’s necessary) we don’t limited ourselves to that. We like gests. Matter of fact, we love them. That’s why I need to mention the honorary ones here: Mateus Mapa, João Marcelo Selhane and Alex Haas. There’s at least one of them in almost every show. We even took Selhane along to the US in our first showcase. He almost had his VISA denied because of a fingerprint-lacking finger, the result of a cavaquinho-playing-related huge scar. But it all worked out in the end. It was funny! It all worked out in the end because, even without knowing how to speak English, samba had provided him with a set of enviable waist. We returned from the U.S. and launched the single Play - a very cool song that I had initially written in partnership with my classmate Fabrício, during 7th grade - to celebrate.

Time to work on new stuff and to revisit some old stuff: time to think about a sophomore record... after many recording and tour projects aborted, one of them won FUMPROARTE (a financing granted by Porto Alegre’s city hall). We were ready, but faith had the unpredictable in store for us: a personal incident. My right hand was unable to do almost anything for a long recovery period, delaying the recording for more than a year. Meanwhile, I was solely singing, and had to count on a friend for the acoustic guitar duties. It was another destiny surprise. I really enjoyed this only-singing business, so we eventually enrolled Lúcio Chachamovich to our team.

An year of intense activity. A diving into the timbres. A musical obsession. A new record. Lots of daydreaming and deliberation with friends, which sent me on the right path once more: the search for a name and concept for the álbum. That begun making sense thanks my chats with the artist Munir Klamt in poet Marcelo Noah’s trendy parties, and, on a daily basis, with my wife Roberta, who introduced me to the work of Lacan and Freud, to which I fell in love. During this year, I also met Elida Tessler in my studio, were she was recording her work Ist Orbita for the 7th Mercosul Bienal of Arts, the most important plastic arts event in the south of South America. She introduced me to the professor Donaldo Schüller. He showed up in person to record his poems, but ended up inadvertently doing the voiceover for the track that would name our new album.
By declaming an exerpt from a text where Greek philosopher Heraclitus talks about “Aión”, he was instrumental to further enrich the concept of our album (yep, professor Schüller has translated Heraclitus and knew snippets by heart, in the original language… almost as amazing as translating Joyce, a feat he’s also accomplished). By the end of the year, we briefly disclosed what was to come, when we released the track Song for Tom – a beautiful song by my friend Guilherme Curi, which I appropriated from the first time he showed me. It had everything to do with me because it had everything to do with Caetano's Transa, which - I think it shows by now - I loved.

Mixing the record. Mastering the Record. The only thing missing was releasing it, but that had to be delayed many times, due to interesting events. After the summer, in the “real” beginning of the year, we were invited to play in Minas Gerais, in a competitive rock festival. The money wasn´t enough for everybody to go, and three of us had to represent the group: we won. Back home, we were selected to the finals of another festival, Festival Música Pra Todo Mundo, and had to delay working on the record and concentrate on marketing efforts, for that phase was decided by popular vote. We didn’t win it, but we were close. Time to manufacture the CDs. Problem is, a new venture had already started: attend an invitation to play in Japan at Kansai Music Conference. New campaign, new projects and then the trip, which was great! AIÓN was released in late 2012 in Japan and Porto Alegre, appearing in some nice Record of the Year lists.

That is the chapter I want you to help me writing.