AIÓN (Fruet Music, 2012/2013) is the band's second album. It has 15 songs, 13 previously unreleased, a bonus track and a version of the song "Mal Secreto" by Jards Macalé and Waly Salomão. The product can be found in the best record stores, in the band’s virtual store or through the distribution company Tratore.

The term "AIÓN", derived from ancient Greek, is used to refer to a time different from the chronological one, which can’t be measured by its quantity, but by quality. On the other hand, the graphic design of the album, created by the artist Indio San, is inspired by physics, mixing reflexions in lines with the “eye of the beholder” – the graphical representation of an eye often used to describe the position of the subject who sees a certain image of an object in an optical scheme. That’s how Marcelo Fruet presents the two main axles which put his musical work in motion: time and illusion. It wasn’t by accident that the album was first released in Japan, where time begins earlier, on Brazil’s tomorrow. Defying logic, “AIÓN” was born in the future and upside down.


(“The Sound of the End or Whatever”, independent, 2007) is Marcelo Fruet & Os Cozinheiros’ first Record. The album has six previously unreleased tracks, one for each side of the cube, which can be assembled with the packaging of the physical album. It’s a disc-object, which becomes a dice that can be rolled so as to choose the track that one will listen to, including an illustration made by Indio San for each song. This random process, called "analogical shuffle" by its creators, is the incipient query about time, about the decisive influence of chance in our lives.